Privilege with Preston

By Ilona Kauremszky

When real estate impresario Donald Trump married Slovenian femme fatale model, Melania, he called the events impresario to the stars, Preston Bailey, to orchestrate his lavish wedding reception. And when the acclaimed talk show queen Oprah Winfrey wanted to convert her Chicago studio into a posh birthday venue for her special 50th birthday bash, she snagged la Preston to perform his magic.

For Trump, the nuptial soirée was held inside the ornate Louis XIV-style ballroom of his über-posh Mar-a-Lago Club in sunny Florida; while for Oprah, Preston culled thousands of tropical flowers from exotic locales like South America to create a symphony of flowers for his precious rose.

Known for masterminding weddings and other special events for the glitterati set, the internationally celebrated event designer and wedding planner’s budget can easily exceed $100,000US.

But whoever coined the term “Shoot for the stars” had it right when the Caribbean’s most luxurious all-inclusive for couples, Sandals Resorts, which is a collection of 12 of the most beautiful resorts in the Caribbean, recently announced its newest wedding collection by the highly sought after events planner.

True to form, Preston, a former Caribbean guy who fondly reminisces growing up amid sun, sand, and surf, is using the beauty of these tropical isles as his inspiration for his latest creation, “Preston Bailey Signature WeddingMoons” exclusively for Sandals + Beaches Resorts.

So now you too can have Preston Bailey do your wedding. An enhancement to the already popular WeddingMoons™ package developed by Sandals over a decade ago, the unveiling of the Preston Bailey package offers four new wedding collections: Floral Elegance, Water Lily, Seascape, and Crystal that combine the designer’s flair for fantasy.

In addition, newlyweds can have their cake and eat it too from world-renowned wedding cake artist, Sylvia Weinstock, known as the “Leonardo da Vinci of Cakes.” Her cakes have attracted its own celebrities from Donald Trump to Mariah Carey to Senator Hilary Clinton. Sandals also has produced a line of wedding accessories by Beverly Clark, author of “Planning a Wedding To Remember,” which became the number one wedding planner book sold in America and Sandals has introduced the Dessy Group, an esteemed wedding attire company for its line of simple elegant wedding dresses.

“Weddings should be about romance and clearly there are different types of romance. For this collection, I’ve designed a white wedding with accents of orange,” says Preston describing his Floral Elegance Collection and adds, “This collection is an elegant celebration of the couple’s special day.”

With more encore weddings, vow renewals, and the trend for couples marrying later in life, more couples are choosing the beach over the ballroom. Wedding packages from all-inclusive resorts such as the WeddingMoons™ package from Sandals + Beaches Resorts, literally wipes clean the stress and strain of a traditional wedding. A hotel wedding coordinator can ensure your special day is relatively stress-free.

In comparison to some traditional weddings where a second mortgage is needed to pay expenses, destination weddings such as the Preston Bailey collection are priced $5,000US and less. In addition, the smaller invitation list makes guests expectations more manageable and many resorts can accommodate weddings with less than six months notice.

Dubbed “the Gem of the Caribbean,” the Royal Plantation Golf Resort & Spa knows elegance and romance. This secluded getaway perched on the northern coast of Jamaica in lush Ocho Rios has garnered accolades such as one of the “leading small hotels of the world,” “leading spas of the world,” plus the five-star diamond property is noted for excellence in its resort, spa and restaurant categories.

Considered Jamaica’s original all-inclusive couples-only resort, which started as a small ultra-elegant resort catering to society's rich and famous from a long-gone era, today the Royal Plantation continues its tradition in offering its guests the best service and amenities. “Earlier this year we introduced a new concept to afford you selected hospitality of your choice.

That decision has already proven itself to be a resounding success. We pay extraordinary attention to achieving, ‘a feel good’ factor, an important feature of a luxury vacation,” remarked Peter Fraser, General Manager for the Royal Plantation in an open letter available from their web site,

Yes, tying the knot on a fantasy island is possible and Privilege Magazine can make your dream wedding come true.

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