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Why I should go on an eight-day Emerald Waterways river cruise through Europe

Ilona Kauremszky
Published May 1, 2014 for JohnnyJet.com

It’s for Mum.

Growing up in Budapest Hungary in the fifties was not easy. As kids slurped on sodas, wore poodle skirts and danced the hand jive in that faraway place called Amerika (a Hungarian word for North America), Mum was dodging sniper attacks and hiding in the basement of her high-rise in Buda with her family and neighbors. It was the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. Everyone was terrified. Some endured horrible flashbacks from World War II. It occurred, after all, only a short time earlier.

“You couldn’t buy anything let alone walk the streets safely,” she would recall over and over years later.

Mum’s family fled the war torn streets of Budapest and on a frosty winter night made the harrowing escape to Austria. more...

The People of Mfuwe

Ilona Kauremszky
Published Nov. 12, 2012

ZAMBIA, South Luangwa National Park - Amid tall grass and scorched red earth wild buffalo, giraffes, and lions roam across this sacred animal sanctuary. By a muddy pool sunning hippos bathe belching out baritone grunts that reverberates my core. I can see, hear, smell and feel Africa.

Life starts early at the Mfuwe Lodge. At sunrise I’ve already encountered elephants traversing across the water-lily choked waters beyond our cabin porch. The family decides to trek through the shallow lagoon leaving the baby trailing behind the mother just like in the movies. more...

Montreal's Snow Village
Sleeping with the Rocket

Ilona Kauremszky
Published by The Toronto Star

MONTREAL, Iles Sainte-Helene - I spent the night with the great Maurice Richard. There I said it. Nicknamed “The Rocket,” Richard was the Montreal Canadiens legendary and most beloved Hab. more...

Life at the West Edmonton Mall

Habeeb Salloum
Special to mycompass

Edmonton, Alberta - "What draws visitors to Edmonton?" I asked a long time resident of the city. He looked at me inquisitively. more...

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