By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: Recently I read a travel article in one of our newspapers about ten must see places around the world. I feel fascinated. However, I could not find any related travel information on any one of the places. I wish you can help me solve this problem and offer a list with their travel web sites.

A: If you haven’t picked up a copy of the sensational New York Times bestseller 1000 Places to See Before You Die: A Traveler's Life List, do. Patricia Schultz’s acclaimed book with a reported 2.2 million copies in print has spent over 140 weeks on the discerning best seller list.

If you think there’s more to this book, you’re right. Since it first came out by Workman Publishing Company in 2003, The Travel Channel has based a television series on it and of course Patricia Schultz has penned another book titled 1000 Places To See in Canada and the USA Before You Die which was released last year.

In addition, a web site titled is currently under construction but worth bookmarking I’m sure. On another note, back in October there was a Top Ten Places To Check Out article I came across which listed Mongolia’s Gobi Desert; The Philippines’ Taal Volcano and Ecuador’s Otavalo Market in the top three.

For more travel information on these destinations, visit Mongolia’s Ministry of Tourism online at, the Philippine Department of Tourism at and Ecuador’s Ministry of Tourism at


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