By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: Our children are young (three and five) and we wanted to share with them some aboriginal experiences. Could you give us some ideas? We’re only interested in pursuing things in Ontario.

A: As far away as the thick brush of Northern Ontario to the interpretation centres around Brantford to Midland where aboriginal spirit is celebrated at Ste. Marie Among The Hurons, you’ll find aboriginal tourism in this province is simply thriving.

Aside from this weekend which is known as National Aboriginal Weekend, there are loads of things to see and do where the children can view lively demonstrations and entertainment connected to native culture.

At Sainte Marie among the Hurons, native drumming and singing can be heard by the Akwesasne Onenhraki’io Traditional Singers and Dancers. This group has captivated visitors across Canada and the United States with their singing, drumming and dancing.

Also, the Taabik Singers, a popular youth drumming and singing group will perform traditional and contemporary songs and drumming outdoors. If you miss this weekend, events are ongoing throughout the summer.

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In Brantford, visit Kanata, a 17th century Iroquoian village and Interpretive Centre complete with longhouse and palisade. Here First Nations guides weave history as seen through their eyes. There are several programs available ranging from a one-hour guided tour to an authentic two-day immersion program which includes an overnight stay in the longhouse.

For more details call them at 519-752-1229 or visit the Brantford Tourism Office online at MOCall them at toll-free 1.866.844.0497 or log on


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