By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: A friend of mine the other day mentioned there will be an increase in airport fees at Pearson airport. I haven’t heard anything about it and I’m planning on a spring trip to France next year.

A: Starting January 1, 2007, the Airport Improvement Fee (AIF) at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport will rise from $15 per departing passenger to $20. And for connecting flights, the Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) reported there will be no change to the $8 fee charged to connecting passengers.

The AIF partially funds capital costs and the associated debt service at Toronto Pearson International Airport. “The timing of this increase coincides with the opening of the new international pier early in 2007. This will complete the Airport Development Program, which saw the creation of Terminal 1, improvements to runways, taxiways, roads, bridges, IT systems and utilities for the entire airport.

Other necessary capital improvements that have been completed include an expansion of Terminal 3 and the new Airport LINK, which helps to reduce vehicular traffic at Toronto Pearson.

These improvements offer passengers an airport that is more efficient, offering modern services and amenities,” stated a press release from the Greater Toronto Airport Authority recently


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