By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: Itís strange finding how as one gets older oneís taste changes. Iíve never been picky about airline food before but am discovering that I no longer enjoy eating some of it. Is there a way to make this experience easier?

A: With most airlines cutting complimentary food services from the domestic flights, itís getting harder for many of us to recall the culinary days. For international travelers, we can still enjoy the options currently available. Itís best to contact your airline or travel agent and make any food enquiries. You might also like to refer to This web site purports to be the largest site devoted to airline catering. You can browse through images of thousands of meals and get the skinny on crew meals, meals in movies, special meals and lounge food.

For the most part airlines will accommodate you provided you give them advanced notice. You might even be pleasantly surprised. I recall flying to France on Canada Day with Air France. Not only did all the passengers receive a miniature Canadian flag which topped our patisserie but we also received a maple leaf shaped bottle of maple syrup to take home. Nothing of the sort from Air Canada, pity.


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