By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: One of the more nerve wracking things I find about air travel is confirming the schedule. Itís been quite common now when I arrive to the airport that I learn thereís been a delay. I could have been home for a few extra hours. Could you let me know how I might go about shaving off some extra hours at the airport lounge?

A: Airports are big machines that run constantly. When you look at the number of daily departures and arrivals, itís amazing so many flights actually leave and arrive in one day. What Iíve discovered when it comes to air travel is that you can actually consult with a few online resources that monitor air departures regularly. This could save you a lot of time.

I had family visit from Germany last month. Their departure was originally scheduled early in the evening but with a delay, it added another three hours to their wait time.

Here are a few handy online sites that track air arrivals and departures: offers real-time information to over 70 airports across North America; Billed ďas the world's leading provider of real-time flight tracking information,Ē gives you the scoop from airport information to flight delays to flight routes.


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