By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: My daughter suffers from food allergies and we would like to dine out while on a trip to Boston. Can you recommend any places?

A: Since last year throughout the state of Massachusetts it is state law for restaurants to identify on their menu those foods that are raw and undercooked and one advocate who is trying to revamp state law even further to address food allergies in the food business is Chef Ming Tsai.

You may recall this TV celebrity chef of “Simply Ming” fame and his latest incarnation as one of the judges on “Cooking Under Fire.” Ming knows what food allergies are all about. His young toddler son suffers from seven of the top eight life threatening food allergies.

Since Ming opened his award-winning restaurant Blue Ginger in 1998, his motto has been on what he prescribes as “The Bible system,” which is a binder listing all ingredients from his menu and highlighting those that contain food allergy ingredients like tree nuts and shellfish so servers are educated.

When a customer alerts their server about a food allergy the order gets a special tag and the final meal is personally signed off by the chef every time. Zagat Survey has rated Blue Ginger as the second top restaurant in its Boston Guide for the last three years. Besides maintaining his restaurant, completing three shows and working on cookbooks (he’s got three), Ming has been busy advocating for better awareness of food allergies.

He’s the national spokesperson for the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network (FAAN), and is actively seeking state legislation that would require all restaurants across the state to prescribe Ming’s approach to running a restaurant i.e. following the Bible system. While not in Boston proper, it’s a beautiful drive to the town of Wellesley. Blue Ginger is located on 583 Washington Street. For reservations call 781-283-5790.

For accommodations, The Stone Lion Inn in Wellfleet (about an hour from Boston) maintains a low-allergen environment. Innkeeper Janet Loewenstein wants all her guests to feel at home. She uses scent and dye-free detergents for laundry and washing. All her natural cleaning agents used for day-to-day cleaning are unscented. Janet also uses a low concentration bleach-water mixture that is mixed at the inn to avoid dyes and perfumes. This mixture is utilized for sanitizing toilets. When it’s time for some shuteye, guests will find down-alternative comforters and fiberfill pillows. And with wood floors those with dust sensitivities can rest assured. For reservations, call 508-349-9565.


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