By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: Can I order allergy-free cuisine when visiting Chicago? I just found out I have a peanut allergy.

A: The fine dining establishments have for the most part always catered to allergy-sensitive guests. But the rule of thumb here is of course to notify your server about any known food allergies in which case you will receive suggestions on substitutions and other options.

In Chicago like any foodie city, there are ample fine restaurants from which to choose. Over at Amitabul located at 6207 N. Milwaukee Ave (tel: 773-774-0276), owners Bill and David Choi believe that food has the power to heal. Judging by their dishes like Nine Ways to Nirvana, a wholewheat noodle soup with nine-grain miso beans, it’s no wonder. Influences of Tibet and the Indian subcontinent are big themes at this vegetarian and vegan eatery.

Don’t forget Chicago Diner on 3411 N. Halsted. (773-935-6696) Considered Chicago’s oldest vegetarian restaurant, the Chicago Diner is popular among the health conscious and those who opt for alternative dining. The owners say almost any option can be made vegan including altering menus to meet your special diet.

And lastly, think Green Zebra on 1460 West Chicago Avenue (tel: 312-243-7100) A contemporary vegetarian experience that is allergy sensitive, Green Zebra’s cuisine celebrates an Asian fusion with the charm of the mid-west. Owner and chef Shawn McClain has received many accolades including Esquire’s “Chef of the Year” award and was voted as Best New American Restaurant in Travel & Leisure Magazine.


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