By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: The family is planning a trip to Arizona. Any suggestions, tips, would be greatly appreciated.

A: Also known as "the Grand Canyon State," Arizona besides having this natural wonder with its deep crevices and breathtaking views leading back to prehistoric times, boasts how Canadians continue to vacation here despite the lower Canadian dollar.

In fact, according to the Arizona Office of Tourism, after Atlantic Canada, Ontarians travel the most to Arizona.

There are loads of activities from which to choose. Study the ancient civilization of the Pueblo Indians with archeologists who guide you through ancient homes and burial sites. Using compasses, photography and sketches, visitors can roll up their sleeves and get a first hand view of an archeologist's life.

This fascinating experience known as "Dig for a Day: A Public Archaeology Experience is set in an ancient village, the Sabino Canyon Ruin, which once was inhabited by the Hohokam Indians 6-7 centuries ago. Admission price is $38 for each 1-day session. For other info, contact 520-798-1201.

Over at Papago Park in Tempe, the Arizona Historical Society Museum is hosting an exhibition called, "The Jewels of the Southwest: History from Craft to Art" which is open through May 20 and showcases the growth and change of contemporary designs in southwest American Indian jewelry. The event is free.

Take advantage of the popular Canadian discount program, "Canadian Cactus Days" which offers Canadian travellers a free booklet with over 65 coupons.

For more travel-related information on Arizona, contact the Arizona Office of Tourism by phone 1.888.520.3448. For information on discounted accommodations and packages, visit


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