By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: My husband would like to take me somewhere warm before the end of this year. Some of our friends have suggested Barbados. Can you tell me what kind of weather to expect and whether there are any discount programs? Any suggestions are appreciated.

A: One money saver concerns the type of cash you take on holidays. Whenever many Canadians travel, they often like to purchase travellers' cheques in American funds or purchase US dollars, thinking that their vacation spot prefers US currency.

Well, the Barbados Tourist Authority encourages Canadian travellers to use Canadian currency. Most shops and restaurants accept Canadian dollars. Or if you wish to purchase Barbados dollars, there are banks such as the Royal Bank of Canada, CIBC and Scotiabank with branches here.

If you plan on banking, remember the banking hours are 8 am until 3 pm Monday to Thursday. On Fridays, the banks are open until 5 pm. There are also Interac machines which will accept Canadian bank cards.

Another money saver worth considering is the "Barbados Super Saver package," which can be reserved through Air Canada Vacations, Air Transat Holidays, Signature Vacations, Sunquest or Red Seal Tours. The package includes savings on attractions, car rental and activities.

Expect sunny and warm temperatures. Since Barbados is warm all year, average daytime temperatures are usually around 29 degrees Celsius, dipping in the evening to about 23 degrees Celsius.


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