By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: Thank you for all the information you give everyone in the Sun. It is wonderful. I need your help too. I am looking for a 'transfer' for four from a ship in Barcelona to the hotel, which was booked separately from the cruise line so I'm on my own as far as getting to the hotel. As well, because the room will not be ready until the afternoon, a tour seems like an excellent way to spend the morning and part of the afternoon. Is there any company who could pick us up at the pier, drop luggage off at the hotel and then be the tour guide or who could I call or contact to join a tour for several hours?

A: I agree that a city tour is a wonderful way to spend your time while waiting for your hotel check-in. For tour companies, the Tourist Office of Spain has a Toronto branch. They have an excellent web site that lists tour operators. Be sure to log onto and click on the sublink “Tour Operator’s Index.” Here you will find an ample list of tour specialists for Barcelona.

For tour and transfer suggestions, your hotel will also be able to assist you. Contact them prior to your visit with your request. Often times the hotels can arrange a guided tour and a transfer. Lastly, if you contact the Tourist Office of Spain with your request, they will be happy to send you travel information by mail about Barcelona and the Barcelona Bus Turistic, the city’s official tourist bus.

Here is their contact info: TOURIST OFFICE OF SPAIN, 2 Bloor Street West, Suite 3402, Toronto, Ontario, M4W 3E9. Tel: 416-961-3131 and Fax: 416-961-1992.


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