By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: Do you know if VIA Rail has a take a bike on a train this summer? We took this last year to Niagara Falls and would love to do this trip again.

A: Yes it does. Called the Bike Train, this initiative was created by avid cyclist Justin Lafontaine during a train trip to the Niagara region in April 2006. It launched last year to great success and is back. Train travel between Toronto and Niagara is available with a limited schedule for bikers from June through September 2008. You can now transport your bikes thanks to new on-board racks.

The schedule for the Bike Train can be found online at Tickets can be purchased online or by calling toll-free 1-888-619-5984. The website also lists events and ideas to help you plan your Bike Train getaway.

In addition, there is a bikers club calling themselves “The Niagara Freewheelers” which regularly tours the Niagara region. For more information, check their full schedule at

For some neat facts on this popular ride here’s a quick trivia list from VIA Rail Canada: Twenty-seven round-trip departures are being offered between Toronto and Niagara Falls from June to September; Organizers anticipate more than 500 cyclists will travel on the Bike Train this summer; Bike racks installed on board a baggage car provide transport for 56 bikes per departure; The Toronto-Niagara Bike Train is The Greenbelt Express – a sustainable transportation option to exploring the bounty and biodiversity of the Greenbelt in Niagara.


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