By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: We would really like to drive to New York City this spring but we're not crazy about actually driving in the city itself, so we were wondering if you could suggest some place close to the city where we could stay for a few days and take tours of New York City from there?

A: Marsha Mowers the Canadian PR rep for NYC says people tend to be overwhelmed by Manhattan, especially first timers. I think a great option would be to stay in one of the boroughs. My fave would be Brooklyn - there's a great new hotel there I'd recommend Le Bleu (

People used to think rough and tough when they thought of Brooklyn, but its undergoing a huge transformation and becoming the new "it" spot for visitors, she notes. Brooklyn has tons of new restaurants and shops, especially in Dumbo (Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass) and because its not Manhattan, the prices are very reasonable, especially for families. From there you can hop on the subway into the city, about 20minutes, and tour around.

There's a hop on hop off tour - CitySights that would be great as well as a movie and TV tours - Actually, there's a great Brooklyn pizza tour that would be fun for whole family. For more on this tour, visit She adds, We just revamped our website - - and there are a ton on tours listed on there they might be interested in, everything from shopping to Wall street.


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