By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: Sometime ago I heard performances were held in a barn I believe in Campbellford. I'm having a hard time finding out schedules and the exact name. Are you able to offer any suggestions?

A: Immersed in the lush meadows of Northumberland County near Campbellford sits a custom built barn which is home to the Westben's Concerts at The Barn. Built by soprano Donna Bennett and pianist-composer Brian Finley along with a group of music lovers, the "Barn" as its known around these parts has created a perfect backdrop for classical and showtune music fans.

Between June 5 and September 25, Westben is showcasing 45 concerts from Bach to Broadway. Now in its fourth year, organizers of the music series report that the Westben's Concerts at The Barn has evolved into the largest music festival in eastern Ontario.

"You can see music performed in concert halls just about anywhere in North America but listening to music in the Westben Barn is a unique experience," says Finley, the Westben artistic director. "Where else can you see Mozart's Magic Flute to a chorus of real songbirds in the trees around the Barn? " he asks. As the giant barn doors are rolled back, concert goers outside hear the Brazilian beat switch into the fugues of Bach.

Some of this season's concert highlights include the great Chopin interpreter Jane Coop, famous baritone Russell Braun, Canada's top lyric tenor Kevin McMillan and master cellist Thomas Wiebe. Westben Concerts at The Barn is located between Toronto and Kingston.

For schedule and reservations call 1-877-883-5777 or visit


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