By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: We havenít purchased a passport for our son in the last nine years and now heís going to be turning 19 years old in a month. We donít know what we need to do to ensure he gets a passport and we also donít know the price for purchasing one. Any assistance is appreciated. Thank you very much.

A: Passports are available to Canadian citizens and cost $87. In order to receive one your son will need to fill out some forms that can be obtained in a few ways. Visit a post office and pick up a Passport Canada envelope that is quite visible and usually located around a kiosk of envelopes and other items for purchase. Refer to a list of Passport Service locations you can view by visiting Passport Canada online at then click on the Service Locations link on the home page.

Once you have located your nearest passport office you can visit them and pick up the necessary forms. An English-only passport office is located downtown at 74 Victoria Street, Suite 300, Toronto, ON.

But for a quicker way, Passport Canada recently launched an initiative called Passport Online, This program allows Canadians 16 years of age and older living in Canada to fill in the adult passport application electronically.

In addition, Passport Canada recently announced that effective August 15, 2007, Canadians who qualify will be able to renew their passport using a new Simplified Passport Renewal Program which they report is part of a broader effort to modernize Canadian passport services.

According to a Passport Canada press release, ďIt will allow Canadian citizens who meet certain eligibility criteria to renew their passport using a shorter form and without submitting documentary evidence of citizenship, supplementary identification and a guarantor declaration.

Under the renewal program, passport applicants will only be required to submit the shorter form along with two new photos, the application fee and their last passport.Ē The new Simplified Passport Renewal Program application form will be available at all Passport Canada service points and through Passport Canada's Web site, and it will be accepted at all of Passport Canada offices, through receiving agents and by mail.

For information on processing times and other inquiries call Passport Canada at toll-free 1-800-567-6868 or visit them online at


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