By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: With the high price in fuel and the ever sky rocketing prices for airfare are Canadians even traveling these days?

A: Depends on whom you talk to you. Some of us are sticking closer to home these days because of the reasons you've mentioned but others are feeling the travel-itch even more.

According to the Conference Board of Canada in its study, "Travel Intentions Survey," which was released earlier this year, 61% of Canadians are planning a summer vacation. "In fact, the percentage of Canadians planning to take a summer vacation has been climbing steadily since 1997," states the report.

When you consider among those Canadians answering yes to a summer vacation, the Conference Board reports 71% plan to spend their longest summer vacation in Canada this summer.

Other popular destinations include our neighbors to the south, the US. Almost 14% of Canadians will visit the US this summer with 6% of Canadians planning trips to Europe.

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