By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: We wish to rent a cottage in Cape Cod MA for two weeks in the summer. We are a family of four and are anxious to pick a location conducive to all our needs. We have been searching the Internet and have found this experience quite overwhelming. If you have any suggestions to help us finetune this process we would greatly appreciate it.

A: Surfing the Internet highway can be a daunting task at times. One subscription-based resource chockfull of travel tidbits worth perusing is the monthly e-newsletter called Rudy Maxa's Traveler available at Travel journalist Maxa, the original host of the radio show, "Savvy Traveler" has created a well-researched publication loaded with information. Check out "Renting a Summer House on Beautiful Cape Cod" published in December 2002 which is available for download. Select Articles on the homepage and scroll down to his Cape Cod article.

Over at the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce, Arthur Ratsy, Vice President of Tourism, has provided other options. "I think with a family of four they would want the south side of Cape Cod. The water is warmer and there are more activities to pick from," says Mr. Ratsy. To assist your cottage rental planning, here are a few realtors you may wish to contact along with their email addresses: Adrienne Siegel,; Real Estate Associate, Lisa Kinny,; and James Mischler Realtor,

For further listings, visit Mr. Ratsy can also be contacted for more details. You can reach him at 508-862-0700 ext 512 or


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