By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: Four of us are visiting Chicago in June. We have been shocked to see the high cost of hotels in the downtown area as we search on the web. Can you suggest some reasonable places to stay?

A: When accommodations become the topic, sometimes booking a hotel can appear to be daunting and to boot, depending on the time of your booking, you can expect to pay high prices. I contacted Elizabeth Walasin Lulla of the Chicago Tourism Office who says that during spring and summer, the city while it attracts thousands of visitors you can rest assured.

“Visitors can stay at hotels in and around Chicago and still enjoy all that the city has to offer. The Essex Inn (, The Holiday Inn and Suites at 506 W. Harrison (, and The Holiday Inn Mart Plaza ( ) are known for good deals during the summer months,” she starts and adds, “I would also suggest that visitors explore neighborhood hotels like the Majestic near Wrigleyville (tel: 773-404-3499) the Willows located on 555 West Surf Ave in Lake View (tel: 773-528-8400), and the Belden-Stratford by Lincoln Park (”

For more details on lodging, visit the official web site for the Chicago Convention and Tourism Bureau at


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