By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: What's the admission price to the Canadian Museum of Civilization for a family of four? Our plans are to visit next month sometime. Can you tell me what's on exhibit, if possible?

A: Located on the shores of the Ottawa River in Hull, the Canadian Museum of Civilization is scheduled to exhibit the "Vikings: The North Atlantic Saga," from May 8 to October 14th. Organizers say for the first time over 300 artifacts from Viking homelands and settlements, some dating back as early as 800 AD will be displayed.

Other events have been planned during May to correspond with the Viking theme. Nordic folk music will be performed using the tradition of Icelandic bards as well as a special look at Viking Women scheduled on May 9 at 2 pm. This presentation by Carin Orrling, the senior curator of the National Museum of Antiquities in Sweden promises to be a fascinating look at the clothing, hairstyles and jewellery worn by the women of the day.

For a family of four, admission price is $22. You can request a free calendar of events by contacting the Canadian Museum of Civilization at 819.776.7005 or email them at


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