Travel Complaints Commissioner


By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: We just returned from a horrible flight. Is there anyone I can complaint to?

A: First off, you should try to resolve any issues directly with the airline. If you have been unable to resolve these issues, contact the Canadian Transportation Agency's Air Travel Complaints Commissioner.

The Canadian Transportation Agency and its Air Travel Complaints Commissioner are available to deal with specific complaints about travel experiences. That role includes handling consumer complaints, monitoring airfares and addressing violations of the Act. For more information on how to file an air travel complaint, visit

You'll find there is a red link button "How to File Complaints" which provides quick answers to a list of questions like "Is there anything I should do before I contact the Agency?"

The CTA says, "You should collect all your facts, receipts, names and phone numbers of people to whom you spoke and, most importantly, a copy of your ticket. Having this information at hand will assist in the review of your complaint. Approaching the carrier with your concerns is often a good idea as many problems can be handled quite quickly that way.

In the end if you feel that you have a justifiable complaint, or if you are not satisfied with how the airline has resolved your complaint, you may bring it to the Agency."

For further inquiries, contact the Air Travel Complaints Commissioner, Canadian Transportation Agency, Ottawa, Ontario K1A ON9 or call toll-free 1-888-222-2592, fax (819) 953-5686 or visit them online at


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