By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: Where is Con Dao

A: Con Dao Island is part of an archipelago of 14 islands located off the southeast coast of Vietnam. Serious scuba divers are sure to know it, as the tiny island surrounded by 1000 hectares of precious coral reefs is known as a diving mecca.

Home to roughly 1,300 different marine species, the whole area is rich in flora and fauna. The islands themselves are teeming with thick jungle. There are 900 plant species found throughout the tropical archipelago.

Donít be surprised if you spot a black squirrel and the macaque monkeys. Only 5,000 inhabits live here so youíre sure to capture the essence of a true isolated tropical island as seen so many times in the movies.

The islands became environmentally protected in 1984 and Vietnam officially pronounced it a national park in 1993.


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