Conquest Vacations


By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: This winter, we are seriously considering flying south. Are there some "good" travel packages out there? I am refering to the cost. I'd like to keep our expenses down.

A: Currently, there are many tour companies such as Conquest Vacations, World of Vacations and Sunquest offering some great prices for all-inclusive packages.

Martha Chapman of Signature Vacations suggests monitoring the websites of package holiday companies for ongoing sale prices as these rates in their brochures change frequently. "A good tip if they are considering Signature is that you can simply add in the name of the destination you're thinking of and you'll go directly to that page on our site e.g.," she offers and adds, "Remember that if you choose to travel on a last minute sale that your "must haves" (child care, tennis, beach location) are still important so you owe it to yourself to mention this to your booking agent. Getting the deal of the century won't make up for your disappointment if you've been dreaming of fantastic shopping and you end up on a pretty, but essentially shop-free island."

Visit your nearest travel agent for full details on special discount packages.


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