By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: I'm Planning a road trip with my son starting September 14 from Munich to Zagreb. Where can I get information on road maps, accommodations. Is it possible to point out some cities along the way?

A: Country hopping with a car rental can be tricky especially when the automobile is travelling from Germany into eastern Europe. Put simply, most car rental companies refuse to loan a car that is enroute to such countries and should you decide to do so, be forewarned. You are on your own. This will certainly effect your plans driving a rental into Croatia.

How about driving from Munich into one of the bordering countries like Hungary and then transferring onto a train that travels to Zagreb? Check with your travel agent on best routing information or consider a tour operator such as Eurovacations that combines car and rail reservations.

When I contacted them, the ticket agent quoted $103 plus an extra drop-off fee for a five-day car rental which starts in Munich and ends in Budapest.

Because companies like Eurovacations have a variety of suppliers, they are also equipped to give you the lowest price on a rental.

Since you'll be in Budapest, you may wish to spend a day or two indulging in the beautiful historical landmarks that paint the horizon. Cross over the Danube River on the Lanc hid (Chain Bridge) to the hilly side of Buda, and head up to the Gellert Hegy for a breathtaking view. Relax in the many cafes that line the cobbled stone streets leading up to the Fisherman's Bastion.

Opened in 1824, the Ruszwurm Café with its original cherrywood paneling is Budapest's oldest café house and is famous for its Linzer torte.

Along the Pest side, wander through the upscale Vaci Utca, visit the Heroe's Square or decompress at the Széchenyi Bath, one of Europe's largest public baths and a neo-Baroque architectural masterpiece.

Budapest has regular rail departure times to Zagreb, Croatia. Seat reservations are recommended. The Eurovacations ticket agent advises if you wish to save money, consider booking your train ticket at the station. It'll be half the price.

Otherwise, you can prepurchase a train ticket for $34 for the five-hour train journey. Contact Eurovacations at 1.877.387.6822 for more details.

For maps and accommodation information on Munich and the environs, contact the German Tourist Board at 1.877.315.6237.

For travel-related information on Croatia, contact the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia at 1.613.230.7351. or visit, the official Hungarian Tourism web site.

If you decide to hop on a train, open tickets can be purchased directly from the train station as there is no reserved seating involved.


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