By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: My family and I are planning to go to Cuba during March Break. When I look at prices there seems to be a tremendous difference at various all inclusive resorts. Is there a web page that I can go to that has comments from previous guests? This way I can see their honest opinion of whether or not they enjoyed the stay, how the service was, food, and facilities. Any suggestions you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

A: For pricing and resort information, I like to see a travel agent. They know whatís hot and whatís not and based on your needs can make some wonderful suggestions. But before a visit to your nearby travel agency, be sure to have a plan. Know the area you wish to have as your home base, have some vacation dates and donít forget to consider your budget.

Do you want to book a trip at a luxury resort or are you game to stay in a smaller property with basic amenities? For your trip planning there are more and more online forums catering to travel. The big guidebook companies for instance have discussion forums you can access 24/7. Lonely Planet and Fodorís are two.

At Fodorís you can access a Talk section, type in your country and region and voila, a string of messages will appear. Visit for more details.

Over at Lonely Planet, the Thorn Tree Travel Forum is set up for readers to get together to exchange travel information, advice, hints and tips. ďGet help, get connected, get inspired, have your say,Ē says the company. For details, visit

Another resource I like to use is Trip Advisor ( This web site gives you the nitty gritty on resorts and destinations from visitors and also has a collection of articles culled from various publications which you can read online. So not only do you get to read posts from previous guests but the web site prepares a list of themed articles published from a variety of outlets.

For trip planning, as always, itís a good idea to shop around, read as much as you can and if you have friends who have stayed in your region of interest, consult with them and get their tips. Itís important to trust your source.


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