By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: Whenever we travel with my father which hasn't been much lately since he's in a wheelchair, we've always had difficulty in transporting his wheelchair. Do you know whether there are any government agencies out there that can provide more information on assisting people with disabilities?

A: Transport Canada conducted a study a couple of years ago that concluded "Canadians and international travelers with disabilities face numerous challenges and difficulties when traveling across the country." Some of the issues addressed were that trip planning could be onerous, time consuming and just plain difficult. Then there is the lack of information on services that ultimately creates a huge barrier. Having said that, in an effort to combat some of these difficulties, Transport Canada released an Internet site,, which "provides information on accessible transportation and travel across Canada with the aim of making accessible travel easy and enjoyable."

The site is divided into six sections: "National Carriers Directory," "Local Transportation," "Travel Resources," "Government Policies," "Feedback" and lastly a "Complaints and Inquiries" section. In the "Travel Resources" section, the info is separated by province. In addition there is a special section on International Resources with 23 links listed.


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