By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: After the holidays, I'd like to vacation somewhere hot and sunny. I've seen a lot of advertisements on the Dominican Republic. What's the temperature like in January and can you provide any info on some fun outdoor activities?

A: In January, the average monthly high temperature in the Dominican Republic is 28 degrees Celsius. I came across three adventure tours offered by Signature Vacations, part of its "Fiesta Favorites All Inclusive" brochure. Eco Tour Mountain Bike adventure is a half-day bike ride for all ages and costs $45US. Take a jeep and off-road along beautiful countryside as you embark on an island safari and later ride the waves in some boogie boarding. This tour is called 'Jeep Safari" and costs approximately $69US.

There is also a trip to Santiago that is rich in history and hidden treasures as well as a stop at the waterfalls of Jarabacoa. The Santiago and Jarabacoa adventure tour costs $62US. See your travel agent for more details or call Signature Vacations at 1.800.830.1111


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