Dominican Republic


By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: Before we see our travel agent, I wanted to know what the entry requirements are for traveling to the Dominican Republic.

A: Before entering the Dominican Republic, ensure that you have a valid Canadian passport. Canadian citizens must purchase a tourist card for US$10. According to the Consular Affairs Department foreign government offices in Canada issue these entry documents so you should contact the Embassy of the Dominican Republic for these forms.

For an extra precaution be sure to inquire about this tourist card when booking your trip with your travel agent as your agent should include this card when you book your trip. It'll be one of the incidental fees. Otherwise if you don't have one, the Dominican Republic Tourism Office reports these travel cards also can be purchased on arrival at one of the country's ports or international airports.

When leaving the DR, expect to pay a departure tax of US$20 or 600 pesos. This fee is charged for all international flights.

For other entry inquiries, you can contact the Embassy of the Dominican Republic, Tourism Services Section, 130 Albert Street, Suite 418, OTTAWA, ON K1P 5G4 phone them at 1-613-569-9893, visit them online at or contact the local Dominican Republic Consulate office at (416) 739-1237.


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