By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: Our family was originally going to travel by air for the Christmas holidays, but my kids who are toddlers are insisting we drive. Help - what do I do with three kids for eight hours?

A: "Are we there yet?" - the infamous question from the mouth of babes can get pretty tiresome especially if travelling in a confined vehicle for a long period of time.

The award winning web site, purports to have 101 car travel games and ideas perfect for kids. One pointer is to let your children have a map. Show them where you've started and where your final destination will be.

Don't have any maps? Don't worry. Travel maps and guides can easily be downloaded at Then there's the licence plate game. Color in the provinces or states you plan to visit and count how many licence plates you see from each location. Singing is another great way to pass the time. Choose favorite songs or perhaps learn a song together.

Counting games and telling jokes are other forms of activity that can get the little ones to focus on other activities while avoiding the endless question, "Are we there yet?" Since children get rather antsy during long periods, it's a good idea to make frequent rest stops to stretch.


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