By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: My parents go south for the winter but dad is not capable of driving that distance. They need to take the vehicle for several reasons. Please let me know whether there are any vehicle service companies that might offer this service. They need the car transported down from here to Florida.

A: In business since 1959, Toronto Driveaway Service has been doing just that: arranging the delivery of vehicles to and from anywhere throughout North America. Popular services include the Snowbird Service and the Florida Auto Transporter.

For the Florida Auto Transporter, the company reports it operates this service from late October to mid January. Their trucks depart Saturdays from a depot in Toronto and delivery in Florida is made within approximately three to four days.

In the spring, pick-up in Florida occurs Tuesdays with delivery in Toronto approximately the following Friday and/or Saturday. Another option Toronto Driveaway Service offers is the use of approved drivers who will drive the vehicle down for you.

The company reports this service is available from September until mid-February.

For more details visit them online at or call them at (416)-225-7754 or call toll-free 1-800-561-2658.


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