By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: As part of my New Yearís resolution, I have made a personal commitment to seek out vacation spots that donít cater towards alcohol. My doctor has warned me about some health concerns and thinks it would be a great idea for a little travel. So I donít want this condition to hinder any vacation plans. I value your ideas and would be most thankful to any suggestions. Happy New Year!

A: Health concerns are always something we grapple with anytime of the year but certainly when it comes to planning travel, we should be mindful of our personal situation. Thatís great news that your doctor prescribes travel provided you abide by some sound medical advice.

These days, there are many resorts that stress relaxed, de-stressing vacations where the mantra is on healthy living. A spa vacation could be the thing. There are trained massage therapists and chefs provide special menus for the health-conscious. Often times, this means no alcohol.

The Ste. Anneís Country Inn and Spa near Grafton about 70 minutes east of Toronto doesnít serve alcohol so you wonít have to worry. For reservations call them at 1.888.346.6772 and for more details on packages visit For a list of spa vacations around the world, visit

Alternatively, a California-based company called Sober Vacations International which has been around since 1988 arranges alcohol-free vacations for recovering alcoholics or for those wishing to travel in a non-drinking environment.

Upcoming vacations scheduled are Grand Canyon Rafting and Alaska Cruise. At press time, details of the package were not yet listed so bookmark and check the site regularly for updates.


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