By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: I’m not a feminist but always enjoy learning about women’s accomplishments. Seeing that Queen Elizabeth II has reigned all these years and is one example, I’d like to know what other sights or places in England would have an interesting theme for the female traveler in mind.

A: For Britain, the Tower of London for the first time in its Beefeater’s 522 year history, has appointed a female Beefeater. As one of the Yeoman Warders at the Tower of London, Moira Cameron beat several other candidates, all male, who fit the criteria of being former non commissioned officers having served a minimum of 22 years in the Army, Royal Air Force or Royal Marines and also holding the Long Service and Good Conduct medal. She is one of 35 Yeoman Warders aka Beefeaters whose original purpose was to guard the 11th century Tower.

The Tower is one of London’s most popular tourist attractions and home to the Crown Jewels. Today, the Beefeaters’ principal task is dealing with members of the public, leading tours, presenting lectures, answering questions and having their photographs taken in their distinctive uniforms. The Tower is open daily. Ticket prices for adults are £15 or about $34. For more information visit

For film buffs waiting for the release of the upcoming film, Becoming Jane, starring Anne Hathaway and Dame Judi Dench and Jane Austen fans alike, visitors to the city of Bath in Southwest England will be able to follow in the writer’s footsteps. Bath was Austen’s home for six years.

The UNESCO World Heritage site city is still very much as she knew it. Attractions include the Jane Austen Centre which uses clothes and artifacts to set the scene of Austen’s life and work. The centre also offers walking tours to retrace the author’s steps.

In addition, visitors can take ‘Tea with Mr. Darcy’ at the Regency Tea Rooms. Austen knew Bath as a thriving spa resort and today visitors can still ‘take the water’ from the fountain in the Pump Room at the Roman Baths. Last year, the Thermae Bath Spa opened in which visitors can bathe in the warm thermal waters and indulge in traditional and state of the art spa treatments. For more details visit


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