By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: We're interested in finding out if there are any overnight or weekend shopping trips from Toronto by bus to Erie, Pennsylvania. We'd appreciate any info you might have.

A: Roughly 165 miles from Toronto, Erie Pennsylvania, known as the only port in the state on the Great Lakes has a cornocupia of plenty in shopping opportunities. For shopping trips, there are a couple of options. For example, there's independent travel without a tour company. Greyhound buses have regular daily departures to Pennyslvania. There are various shopping plazas in Erie.

The Millcreek Mall has over 200 specialty shops and services with plazas surrounding the mall. Other shopping plazas are scattered throughout the city. Otherwise, you can reserve tickets for an escorted bus tour. Unfortunately, it's slim picking when it comes to bus trips focusing on shopping excursions in Pennsylvania. Most bus tours focus on the sights and sounds of places. Many of them are currently putting the final touches on their 2004 brochures.

A couple of tour companies offering bus trip excursions to Pennsylvania include Denure Tours and Hanover Holiday Tours. For more details, contact Denure Tours at toll-free 1.800.668.6859, Hanover Holiday Tours at 1.800.265.5530 or visit your nearest travel agent.


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