By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: I will be visiting Holland, France, Belgium & England in early October. What kind of weather should I expect? Will I need a light or heavy jacket? Can you also let me know if these countries are equipped with bank machines?

A: Let's consider the first part of your question first. With the exception of England, expect a climate similar to our own for the other listed countries.

Depending on where you visit England, October can be very cold, damp and wet. A friend of mine once visited London in October and remarked how frigid the temperature was. She wore a heavy coat and wool socks for the visit.

The Weather Channel reports October temperatures in Paris averages about 13C while Belgium averages 7-14C. Because the Gulf Stream causes erratic conditions on the Atlantic Ocean, cloudy rainy days are common.

Holland, apart of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, generally averages 3-19C in the autumn and will most likely be your warmest destination in the group. It does tend to get drizzly here.

I recommend packing a light rainproof jacket with sweaters so you can peel off the layers as you go.

When we consider bank machines, these automated currency booths are located in every major city and most small towns. Contact your bank to make sure your PIN number will work in foreign countries. Find out your daily limits and plan ahead.

You may need to take out money little by little or ask to have your daily limit increased. Test your card before leaving. Ensure the magnetic strip works. Credit cards like Visa and Mastercard have a listing of all the ATM's located worldwide. Visit or and use their searchable database listing for your nearest ATMs.


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