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By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: One of the reasons I really love watching movies is actually to scope out where the film was shot and then try to visit them. I've visited New York City, Chicago, Vancouver but am now looking at visiting other countries overseas. Do you know if there is an office or perhaps have contact info on places that do film shooting?

A: With New York City, Chicago and Vancouver under your belt, you are well on your way to enjoying the sights of other destinations captured by the lens of Hollywood. Interestingly enough recently results of a British survey were published in the Guardian newspaper which revealed that when it comes to booking holidays, the Brits do have a penchant for movies helping them influence their vacation decisions.

Thomson Holidays, a division of TUI UK which is the UK's largest holiday company, reports that eight out of 10 Britons find their vacation ideas by watching films while one in five will actually visit the location of their favorite movie.

For an excellent resource on the subject find a copy of "The Worldwide Guide to Movie Locations" by Tony Reeves which was published by Chicago Review Press. Although the book was published in 2001, it still remains a favorite among film buffs. You'll find the entries for individual films have brief descriptions of major scenes, including loads of photographs, film stills, behind-the-scenes information, and other tid bits about the location.

For a great web tool on the subject, log onto

I love to scan this regularly for the latest film trivia on my favorite destinations. For example, under New Zealand, you'll find a quick film list with such titles as The Piano and The Bounty including links on the film trilogy, Lord Of the Rings.


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