By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: We are planning on taking a three/four month stay in Florida and inviting the children and grandchildren to come down on vacation throughout that time. Can you advise on who I can contact regarding renting a 3 or 4 bedroom trailer home around the St.Petersburg or Clearwater area?

A: St. Petersburg Clearwater Area Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB) has an official web site, which provides a lodging section where you'll see a link for RV/Campground. Here, you will get a list of mobile home/trailer/rv/camping sites to contact.

The other option is to check with the CVB's small lodging category. These are buildings with no more than 50 units and some are as small as 4 units. Kimberly Hartley-McMurray, Director of the Canadian Office, suggests that these smaller units are usually apartments, which you can book for long stay and are very affordable. "Please also check them out online.

You can email the owners or contact them toll free in most cases," says Kimberly. Lastly, condo rentals are also available through under condo/villa listings. Here, the management companies are listed for you to contact.

For other travel-related information on St. Petersburg/Clearwater you can call toll-free 1.800.417.4717.


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