By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: My mother would like to take my son who is three on a trip to Florida. The two of them will be flying. We're still trying to nail down the dates. How is she going to survive the trip as my son has never flown on a plane before?

A: Kids of any age love to be entertained and most likely your son will get fidgety as soon as he feels bored. Thankfully their trip will only last a few hours by air. But to avoid any abnormal cranky spells, your mom should consider what your son likes to play with daily. Toy cars top the list as does crayons, paper, storybooks and puzzles. Pack these in the carry-on bag. Author Paula Shelton offers a handy shopping list of ideas tailored for parents planning to travel by air with small children, which you also can easily review at her web site,


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