By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: With gas prices being where they are, we're really not sure whether we'll be driving anywhere this summer. My wife has family in Windsor so I'm sure we'll be visiting them sometime. I'd like to take a trip across to Detroit, maybe a day trip. Could you suggest anything that might be of interest?

A: Only 12 miles from Detroit, Grosse Pointe Shores is a dream drive. During the roaring 20s, this tony enclave was a fashionable new suburb east of Detroit. Overlooking Lake St. Clair, Edsel, Henry Ford's only son, and his wife Eleanor had a castle built. Perfectly preserved, the Edsel and Eleanor Ford House is a magnificent 60-room mansion open for tours. For driving directions, tour information and prices, visit

In Dearborn, a definite crowd pleaser is The Henry Ford, a multi-complex of awe-inspiring facilities, which include the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village. Here, you can pay homage to one of America's greatest industrialists. Henry Ford had a passion for early American buildings, farm equipment, and utilitarian objects of the day. He collected everything he could get his hands on.

What many believed at the time to be worthless relics from a bygone era has become rare artifacts. With great foresight, Ford managed to salvage and save buildings and other items from an era that was quickly disappearing.

Today, you can view these objects and more at the 90-acred Greenfield Village that showcases over 83 buildings as well as the 14-acre Henry Ford Museum, which features a rich collection of objects from Abraham Lincoln's Chair to John F. Kennedy's 1961 Lincoln Continental.

Also, the Ford Rouge Factory has recently opened its plant for public tours. Automotive buffs can witness the assembly of the Ford F-150 pickup truck. This is the latest addition to The Henry Ford experience at the world's largest automotive complex.

For more info visit For other travel information on Detroit, contact the Detroit Metro Convention and Visitors Bureau phone toll-free 1.800.DETROIT or on the web, visit


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