By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: What's the name of a resort that caters to larger size people. I think it's in the Caribbean.

A: There are no more excuses for those of us with love handles when it comes to derobing in the sun. That's the word from Freedom Paradise, which bills itself as the first "size friendly vacation club," located in sunny Mexico's Riviera Maya. "We don't ask them to change their lifestyle or body shape, or remind them that fashion dictates you can never be too thin. Instead we say, 'Enjoy your weight if you're happy with it. You don't have to feel you must lose kilos before you can be seen on the beach,'" stated Jurriaan Klink, the property's commercial director for the Sunday Mail.

The 112-room resort includes extra-wide doors, wider chairs without arms, four swimming pools with steps and rails and king-size beds with reinforced wood and metal among other features. For more information, visit


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