By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: I have heard that there are freighters that take passengers on ocean trips. I have also heard that although they are not quite as elaborate as the cruise ships, they are very pleasant. Can you forward any information you may have on this type of trip with any contact info. I am particularly interested in travelling to Australia.

A: Part of a fleet of freighters carrying cargo and passengers between North American ports and the ports of Australia & New Zealand, Blue Star Services reports its been offering this service for almost 75 years.

Today, the company operates four container ships that disembarks at four eastern U.S. ports which are Philadelphia, Norfolk, Savannah and Houston. From March through October, the off-season round trip rates range from $4,290(US) to $5,742(US).

If you're planning on making a round trip journey, passengers have the choice of embarking at either Savannah or Houston with the voyage ending in Philadelphia. Depending on your port of call, the length of the voyage can last between 62 to 66 days and will include visits to the Panama Canal transit, Auckland, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Wellington. One way east coast itineraries are also available.

For reservations and other information about the Blue Star Line passenger service, you can contact TravLtips at toll-free 800-872-8584.

Since 1967, TravLTips has assisted its members to sail the world by offering reasonably-priced freighter travel.


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