By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: Doing geneology studies of our family has been put on my shoulders. While we live in Toronto, our relatives live in Quebec. I don’t know whether you can assist on this but any help you can offer would be very much appreciated.

A: It sounds like your roots have a close tie with Quebec. If so you’ll be delighted to hear that to coincide with Quebec City’s 400th anniversary this year, Maison de la France which is the France Tourism Office has set up a very comprehensive database which you can access online by visiting

This database holds a vast collection of Canadians with French names, 9,300 names to be precise. Jacqueline Dillmann-Faure, executive director for Maison de la France, says this special offering is to help tell people where they come from. “It’s about the little village where this pioneer came to discover this huge continent called North America,” Jacqueline says. All in all 20 regions of France are affiliated with this program.

You can easily print out this information from their web site. It includes the year the ancestor was born, the description of the region and all the places of interest where you can go and see where they came from.


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