By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: I'd like to visit Grand Canyon. Can you give me any information on hotels and trips.

A: is the Grand Canyon Chamber of Commerce website where you can find much of the information you need to know about the area. In addition, for accommodation information, Xanterra oversees a group of properties and runs some of the lodgings at the Canyon (

Charmaine Pang, a representative of the Arizona Office of Tourism in Canada, suggests plenty of canyon activities. “The Havasupai Tribe lives at the bottom of the canyon and you can take guided hikes down to see their village. There are beautiful blue-green pools and waterfalls and it's a very unique experience ( Of course, there are also aerial helicopter tours, mule rides down to the canyon, and more,” she says.

For additional travel information, visit Arizona's website for general info. For the latest scoop on package deals for accommodations and attractions, visit “If you want to build cultural itineraries centred around historical/cultural activities, you can visit to build custom itineraries for a trip,” she recommends and adds, “If you're interested in scenic driving, you can also visit to build custom itineraries for many of the scenic roads in the state. “


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