By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: I am departing on a 16 day sea/land trip to Greece in mid May. Could you tell me if Canadian currency is readily accepted or should I convert to some other currency? - G. Mather

A: The Greek National Tourism Organization strongly suggests visitors to Greece ought to take traveller's cheques in any denomination. If you're planning on taking cash they stipulate a $500 limit in Eurodollars, Canadian dollars or the Greek drachmae. Otherwise, you will have to declare any cash over the $500 limit. Traveller's cheques can be cashed in all Greek and foreign banks, exchange bureaus and most large hotels.

Remember your passport identification is necessary for any banking transaction. All the major international banks have branches in Athens and Piraeus. As each bank has its own hours, it's best to do your banking in the mornings. Major credit cards are accepted in most hotels, shops, car rental agencies and restaurants. Credit card logos displayed on the front doors and windows inform you as to which cards are accepted.

On my last count, one Canadian dollar was equal to 238 Greek drachmae (GRD). As you'll be travelling in mid May, expect a warm 20-24 Celsius.


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