By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: What’s India like these days as far as the green hotel scene?

A: There is certainly a global trend towards protecting the environment. India is also getting in on going green. You’ll find there are already eco-friendly properties, a term often used to describe properties using recycled materials but now India is lauding its first green hotel, a term used to describe energy efficiency.

Called the Park Hotel, the 280-room hotel is in Hyderabad, the capital of Andhra Pradesh in southern India and is expected to open next year. According to the Economic Times, the hotel’s cost is approximately 15 per cent higher for construction but the extra costs are expected to save nearly 35 per cent in energy costs.

“In India there are approximately nine eco-friendly hotels that have the ECOTEL certification. Among them is for example Lotus Suites in Mumbai and Uppal"s Orchid in New Delhi. ECOTEL certification is given to those who lead the hospitality industry in environmental protection and preservation,” reports Vishakha Talreja of the Economic Times who added there are 17 green buildings and some 170 facilities registered with Indian Green Building Council (IGBC), awaiting LEED certification.


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