By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: Iím not big on spending a lot of money when I travel but I do like to drop into some bargain shops. Could you suggest any in Halifax?

A: Downtown Halifax off Spring Garden Road, vintage shops and second-hand stores are a dime a dozen here. The capital city even has its own shop, The Black Market. However this shop tends to specialize more in Southeast Asian products with handcrafted bags, wood carved statues and lots of silver jewelry and textiles. Owner Dominique Villermet is always scouting for the exotic and youíll be sure to find it here. Prices are reasonable too. The Black Market is located at 1545 Grafton Street (telephone 902-423-5724).

Over on Queen Street, Encore Enterprises is a two-floor walk-in closet-sized shop with racks of vintage wear and shelves topped with shoes, purses and garden party-style hats. Proprietress Ann seeks out only quality womenís resale fashions. You can find this quaint shop located on 1528 Queen Street (telephone 902-429-8788).

Elsieís is next door at 1530 Queen Street (telephone 902-425-2599) and this second nature shop specializes in recycled clothing for women and men. Elsieís shop even has a few specialty designs from recycled fabric.

If you walk a couple of blocks south onto Barrington Street, Junk & Foibles will pop out at you. The window display reveals funky retro wear and inside there are baskets of silk scarves, racks of Mrs. Cleaver-type dresses scattered between psychedelic seventies couture.

Need white go-go boots or a pair of Alice Cooper platforms? Try this place. Junk & Foibles has been a fixture landmark specializing in vintage clothing since 1979 and is located at 1533 Barrington Street (telephone 902-422-7985).


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