By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: We're huge fans of Vincent Van Gogh and plan on visiting Holland later this year. Do you know whether there are any planned events for this remarkable artist?

A: This year mark's the 150th anniversay of Vincent Van Gogh's birth. To honour the life and accomplishments of this Dutch painter, the Netherlands Board of Tourism has a colorful rainbow of events planned throughout the year. For starters, to celebrate Van Gogh's birthday on March 30, the Van Gogh museum will have free admission with special events planned for the day.

In fact, throughout 2003, anyone who visits this famous museum on their birthday will receive free admission including free admission for a guest. Other events include a special exhibition at the Van Gogh Museum called, "Vincent's Choice" which is currently running until June 15. Van Gogh lovers will be delighted to learn that some of the artist's favorite role models from whom he drew inspiration and admired will be showcased.

Around 200 works from such artists as Rembrandt, Jean-Leon Gerome, Delacroix as well as from such friends as Toulouse-Lautrec and Seurat will be on display. In Otterlo, the Kroller-Muller Museum has "Vincent and Helene," an exhibition showcasing a collection of one of Van Gogh's largest admirers. Helene Kroller-Muller acquired nearly 300 of the artist's works and until recently little was known on why the art collector chose these works.

I'm told museum goers will have a chance to learn more about this fascinating story. The exhibition concludes on October 12th. For more travel-related information on Holland, visit or call toll-free in North America at 1.888.GO.HOLLAND (1.888.464.6552).


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