By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: The last time I checked into a hotel was in 1979. It was shoddy at best. Usually when we travel we stay with friends but for our upcoming vacation, Iíll have to book a room. Have hotels changed?

A: Hotelling is such a big industry that you will literally find any themed hotel to suit your fancy. In addition, hotels offer a variety of packages from girlsí getaway weekends to shopping packages to theatre packages. The gamut goes from high-end to charming and the price tags also reflect the experience.

Luxury hotels such as a Four Seasons, Ritz-Carlton or Hilton will cost more but generally the amenities and service will be top-notch. When researching, ask yourself how much youíre willing to spend. Generally staying in the downtown will cost more than staying outside the city. You might consider commuting too should you wish to save some extra money.

The bigger cities like New York City or Montreal have enclaves with hotels nearby. Sometimes the hotel offers shuttle or is located near public transportation. Once you finally choose your accommodations, be prepared for some extra surprises.

Hotelling has changed since 1979. Today, technology is a big part of the experience. Many hotels provide Wi-Fi services either in the lobby or in the bedroom. Healthier food is another change so are fitness centres and/or swimming pools.

I just had a fabulous spa treatment at a hotel I stayed at last weekend. The best part after my on-site massage was knowing that I had only two floors to ascend to get some shut eye. I didnít have to leave the hotel.

Many hotels will also ask guests to complete satisfaction surveys. Be sure to inquire with your hotel on special offers, amenities and attractions nearby.


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