By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: My dad mentioned there is a festival devoted to Huckleberry Finn. Can you provide any information here?

A: The scene: Searching for treasures, a team of children hold up rocks to see what secrets lie beneath. The setting: a place Huck would have liked. The park mirrors the Mississippi River bottom with two lakes alongside open meadows, surrounded by cottonwood and elm forests. The location: Mojave Narrows Park, southwestern California.

True to the spirit of Huckleberry Finn, organizers of the upcoming Huck Finn Jubilee which is scheduled June 15-17 want to recapture a bit of the playfulness of their favorite mythical characters. "It's like a miracle tonic for modern city life," says founder Don Tucker. "As a kid, I remember all the adventurous things Tom and Huck did. I want the Jubilee to help folks enjoy some of that fun."

This year's line-up includes hot air balloon rides, a Route 66 classic car show, egg tossing and much more. In addition to the large campgrounds, country craftsmen are set up to offer turn-of-the-century flavor to the weekend's activities. Two nights camping and three day admission tickets are $45 US for adults and $15 US for children 6-11. For more information, call 909.780.8810


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