By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: I'm going to Hungary this summer with my sister. Where is the Canadian Embassy and what type of cultural events are taking place in July? Any suggestions are appreciated.

A: If Stanley Kubrick, director of the film, "2001: A Space Odyssey," were alive today, he'd be happy to see the true millenium celebrations that are ongoing everywhere, especially in Europe. Many towns and regions will be conducting special tributes. Have you ever seen a Hungarian cowboy?

In July, Apaj, which is located in the Hungarian plains, will have horsemen and shepherds perform in a variety of local competitions. When I witnessed this pastoral pageantry, a curly moustached cowboy, whisked me from the audience, sat me on top of his horse, all the while snapping loud bangs with the mighty korbacs (horse whip) as we rode into the sunset. No kidding.

Known as the Kiskunsag, Shepherd & Horse Days, this colourful event includes the popular equestrian ball, folk dance, song, and of course Hungarian goulash.

What about the csardas? Dancers from around the world are uniting for a whole week along the shores of Lake Balaton, twirling and foot-stomping to the sounds of the ancient zither, bagpipes, and of course, the violin. It's known as the Golden Shell International Folklore Festival and promises to be quite spectacular.

The dates are July 3 - July 8. If you're near the Internet, visit, the Hungarian National Tourist Office's web site for more tourism-related information. When you're surfing there, you can order two free catalogues "Hungary Travel Planner" and "Routes to your Roots." The Canadian Embassy address is 1121 Budapest Budakeszi ut 32. Phone: (36-1) 275-1200 Fax: (36-1) 275-1210


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