By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: Our family is planning a cruise next September throughout the Caribbean. My only worry right now is about hurricanes. Any ideas on how to enjoy a cruise if there will be a hurricane?

A: Hurricane season throughout the Caribbean generally occurs between June and November. As a result of this wonky weather including the fact that the Caribbean destinations are encountering their low season during this time, cruise prices will tend to drop too.

I was aboard a Caribbean cruise during the fall season and did manage to avoid a hurricane. Our captain averted the strong gales and massive waves by rerouting the boat as he changed course.

We had a rocky night aboard but made the best of it by dancing all night at the ship’s dance club. If anything take with you a good attitude and be flexible on travel plans. The ship might stay longer at sea or change the dates on visiting the ports. Today’s ships are rigged with the latest weather gaging devices and scientific instruments.


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